Lilith Dark

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Lilith Dark is Available in Stores and Online!

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One Little Girl…One BIG Adventure!

Lilith Dark has no time for tea parties and princess stuff – she’s far too busy fighting off wicked creatures and fantastic beasts… or at least that’s how she imagines things. One day, Lilith follows a mysterious kitten into an old tree and discovers an entire world of real beasties that has been living right under her nose! With her big sister held captive, Lilith must face her fears, rescue her sister from the evil beasties, and save the day before bedtime!



“With its cartoony look and loveable main character, Lilith Dark has become an all-ages favorite.” -Zack Smith,

“Speaking as a fellow kick-butt girl myself, I can only cheer on Lilith with her adventures!”
-Dawn Griffin, Team Cul de Sac,

“Lilith Dark has proven to be a cute comic for anyone who remembers the joy of a vivid childhood imagination.” -Aaron Colter,

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